What sets us apart from the rest:

Many contractors choose to use sub-contractors to fill their work force. HANLER Building Company keeps an experienced in-house team of 10 full time craftsmen. By building our talent in-house we have a broader range and higher level of skills, more attention to quality and detail, and an urgency to complete our work in a timely fashion.This team approach gives you the benefit of a uniquely built, custom home project, crafted by a crew that’s used to working together, and dedicated to seeing your home stand apart for generations to come.


HANLER Building Company is owned and operated by Greg Makula. He has over 22 years experience in delivering the highest quality projects to homeowners. He can take your vision of the perfect home, and make it a reality. If his crew does not provide a skill or service you require, Greg has built a web of trust among reputable area businesses. He can coordinate all aspects of any residential building project you can imagine. You can contact Greg to schedule a time to meet, or request references. His reputation among past clients is solid. And more than a few have offered their home as an example of his company’s crafsmanship.